Video Marketing Works

Video Marketing is What Works in Today’s Market

Coupled with local & mobile strategies, video can drive ten times more traffic than your entire website.

Clearly, video marketing is the NOW strategy to build traffic, increase your search engine visibility, solidify your brand and steer potential clients to YOU.

YouTube and other providers enable small businesses to ramp up their marketing venues, giving them the ability to reach global markets. Static ads were yesterday’s venue, but a picture is still worth a thousand words. Video takes this over the top and can actually put your business on the 1st page of Google if created and optimized correctly.

Only a few short years ago, television commercials were financially out of the reach for the bulk of small businesses.

With the development of high speed broadband networks, TV-like advertising via YouTube suddenly became affordable. While you may be struggling to increase page views to your website, YouTube registers billions of page views monthly. Why? Video sells! It’s RED HOT!

What’s the impact of online video?

We’ve seen studies that projected 3 of 4 adults have watched online videos and on average, nearly 20% do so daily – and just not by themselves. Nearly two-thirds of those shared that experience with someone else or a group. Online video ad spending is approaching $1 Billion annually, if not already there.

Why Use Online Video Marketing?

  • They’re practical for businesses wanting to show demonstrations of products or services.
  • They’re great for introducing your staff or doing a virtual tour of your facilities.
  • They can drive prospects to your website, jump starting sales.
  • It’s extremely cost effective compared to other advertising venues.

What is everyone watching?

News captures attention across all generations, followed by comedy or humorous videos. Still over 20% view educational videos, and all markets continue to grow exponentially as broadband expands its reach.

Some Tips

Be Entertaining & Deliver Value to Your Visitor.

To maximize your reach for market penetration, your video must be entertaining and have perceived value to the prospects you’re targeting.

Be Professional

Presently, over 60% of viewers prefer professionally developed videos versus those developed by amateurs. That gap diminishes with the younger generation, but still holds true.

Focus on the core product or service you’re featuring

If you’re featuring new motorcycle sales, save used motorcycle sales for another clip. Spreading your message across multiple platforms distracts your viewers.

Be Consistent

Branding is important. We all know IBM, HP and Dell, but their marketing campaigns drive home their respective messages with regularity. Consistency is KEY to growing traffic.

Infusing Markets LLC can help create and optimize your videos.
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