Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Need assistance ranking higher in Google search queries?

Many businesses recognize that search engines can bring volumes of highly targeted prospects to their website, typically at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Here’s the catch – do you recognize any of the terms above like Penguin,Hummingbird, Panda, Meta Tags or 301 Redirect? If not, you could be adversely affecting your site’s performance and your organization’s bottom line.

Optimizing and tweaking your site for keyword phrases that rank high in SERPS (search engine results pages) AND draw targeted traffic is our mission. Key phrase selection and evaluation is the core foundation for cost effective online marketing strategies, targeting organic traffic that’s highly relevant to your products and services, and converts well. In plain English, it helps your business succeed.

Simply building a beautiful website, then getting thousands of visitors to your site overnight rarely happens.

New sites normally rank in the upper millions on Alexa when first put online (not good). But there are proven ‘white hat” strategies that can absolutely rocket you above your competition. Unfortunately, Google routinely changes their algorithms, and unless you’re in the SEO industry, differentiating what worked yesterday from what works today means that if you use the wrong strategy, your site could be banned. Some very well known retailers found that out the hard way in 2011, by using “black hat strategies” that cost them millions in lost online sales when they were penalized by Google.

SEO strategies need to encompass not only your site, but your competition’s sites as well.

If they rank higher than you in SERPS, why? Is it the quantity or quality of their backlinks? Possibly their social networking efforts? How old is their domain name, and does this really matter? Are you in a competitive marketplace? We can help.

Infusing Markets LLC takes a broad approach to search engine optimization.

We use a wide variety of SEO tools to analyze and structure your site for success, then tweak our strategy as the market evolves. Search engine optimization is NOT a do it once and leave it forever proposition.

Following are some of the SEO strategies that Infusing Markets LLC recommends:

  1. Include your primary keyword in the first paragraph of the copy, so that the topic is immediately clear.
  2. Ensure keyword density is within a suitable range, neither too low nor too high.
  3. Attempt to include at least one image on each page.
  4. Include authoritative outbound links, as appropriate.
  5. Try to use shorter sentences to improve readability.
  6. Compose your meta information so that it compares favorably to your competition, follows Google’s guidelines AND prompts visitors to click through to your website.
  7. Write content focusing on the VALUE perceived by your visitors.
  8. Use schema microdata in your markup.

A fantastic periodic table of Google’s positive and negative SEO factors

Infusing Markets LLC can help to optimize your site for the search engines.