Copywriting is used to sell everything from mattresses to financial newsletters, and health supplements to fruit baskets. Nonprofits raise billions using copywriting techniques. Add environmental organizations and children’s aid groups to the mix. And don’t forget about business-to-business markets.

Check out our pricing guidelines, but they’re not locked in stone. Call or email us and let’s work out a solution that is a win for both of us.



The following fees reflect an investment in professional high-quality, value-add copy. 

$1000-$2500     Site Content and Report – Boost search rankings and conversions by identifying opportunities

$500-$1500+     Keyword Research – Identify top keyword opportunities in Google on specific topics

$3000-$7500     Key Message Copy Platform – Get top results in all channels with a “master messaging roadmap.”

$1500-$3000     Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting – Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions.



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