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Improve Online Traffic and Leads

Improve the Return on Your Investment

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Do You Have A Local Business?

Which of these is always at your customer’s side: Desktop or Smartphone?

You need to optimize your Mobile presence to be where your customers are looking!

"Connecting Businesses to the Digital World of Today and Tomorrow To Help Them Be Found Where Their Customers Are Looking"

We are a digital interactive marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses be found where their prospects are looking!

Is your online presence producing traffic and leads?

Where’s the Return on Your Investment? (ROI)

Digital interactive marketing takes advantage of today’s innovative, cutting edge technology to successfully integrate cross platform strategies. Additionally, by addressing ever-changing Google algorithms (now updated over 600 times annually), then employing best-of-practice methods that comply with Google’s guidelines and recommendations, Infusing Markets LLC puts their clients on the fast track to short AND long term (profitable) growth via increased traffic and leads.

If you’re not addressing mobile strategies, you’re missing the boat

Equate mobile strategies to fishing. The more hooks you put in the water and the more enticing the bait, the greater your chances are of success. The same concept applies to your online presence! Think about which of the following is ALWAYS at your customer’s side: Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet or SMART PHONE?

Revenues from MOBILE advertising in North America is projected to exceed $6 Billion Dollars in 2015. Why would you leave any of that on the table?

Mobile enable your marketing strategy to be where your customers are looking! Interactive Digital

Mobile enabled sites that offer local relevance, special deals and discounts are the MOST SUCCESSFUL.

Infusing local & mobile markets

Will SPARK your marketing campaign

With a MEASURABLE Return on Your Investment Dollars

By taking advantage of  CURRENT marketing trends

What marketing strategy works today?

According to Hospitality.net “A recent survey has indicated that 74% of smartphone shoppers MAKE A PURCHASE as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping.”

Enter New MarketsSometimes you need to ENTER new doors

To MAXIMIZE incoming revenues

Based on how YOUR demographic market

Is searching for and purchasing what YOU sell

If you want to make that sale

People will select an advertisement that CATCHES their eye and HOLDS their interest

And NOT an ad that simply takes up space.

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